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Here are a few pens from the growing collection of my UI experiments & concepts I hacked out on CodePen.


See the Pen Grilled cheese sandwich menu icon by Glenn Cueto (@glnster) on CodePen.

Here's a silly UI I made poking fun at a hamburger icon and Apple's two-line menu icon. On click, the sandwich smashes together, the cheese melts and the bread gets grill marks.

See the Pen Animated SVG - Rev Meter by Glenn Cueto (@glnster) on CodePen.

I drafted this on CodePen before putting it live on my site as seen on my About page. hover over it

See the Pen ade96ef40f62bc266e8cf1bc29d50524 by Glenn Cueto (@glnster) on CodePen.

And here's all the animation (code) I wrote for the original SVG I designed for the front page of my site. I tried various SVG animiation libs but kept coming back to Velocity.js because of its speed, power and ease of use.